The Implications of Parents’ Conjugal Histories for Children

Until recently, any young couple wishing to live together and to have children had no other option but marriage, the only acceptable framework in which to start a family. Conjugal and reproductive behaviour was regulated by law. Once married, individuals were expected to remain so, and divorce would only be granted in very specific circumstances. […]

The Canadian Record Since Rio

CANADA WAS ONE of the first industrial countries to embrace sustainable development as a public policy goal. In 1990, the federal government released Canada’s Green Plan, a $3 billion comprehensive program to protect the environment, improve decision making and strengthen natural resource management. That same year, Canada committed to stabilize its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emissions at […]

The Great Canadian Physician Exodus

The anticipated high rate of physician retirement over the next 10 to 15 years, and the widespread perception that hordes of unhappy Canadian physicians are heading south in search of greener pastures, have given rise to concerns about an emerging physician shortage. This, in turn, has turned the policy lens onto the three vehicles for […]

Three Hypotheses About Community Effects on Social Outcomes

AJ. Douglas Willms [ * ] ABSTRACT This paper sets out three hypotheses relevant to differences among communities in their social outcomes, and the relationships between individuals’ social outcomes and their socio-economic status. It presents some of the recent evidence pertaining to these hypotheses and argues that they are central to understanding how social capital affects social […]

Ageing And Social Security Program Reforms: Canada in International Perspective

Ageing And Social Security Program Reforms: Canada in International Perspective Jacques Légaré [ * ] ABSTRACT Indexes of ageing for Canada and for UN Economic Commission for Europe countries are estimated and presented. All indexes of population ageing will rise sharply until the middle of the 21st century. This situation will not lead inexorably to apocalyptic consequences […]