Seals And Cod

The fisheries resource conservation council, (FRCC) an arms-length body advising the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans on conservation measures for Atlantic groundfish, strongly suggested, in its April 1999 report ( ), that the seal herds be reduced by up to 50 percent of their current levels. Why? “In applying the precautionary approach to groundfish management, […]

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Role of Science in Policy

THIS STORY STARTS IN VILLACH in 1985. There had been several climate change conferences in this lovely Austrian town before 1985, and some elsewhere. The one that year had the advantage of a comprehensive report on all greenhouse gases, by a team led by Professor Bert Bolin (Sweden), for the International Council of Scientific Unions […]

Are Canadian Family Businesses Ready for Succession ?

The importance of family businesses in Canada cannot be overstated. The term “family business” generally implies that the firm is both family owned and family managed.[ 1 ] Their importance to Canada follows from two characteristics. First, they are the dominant form of business in Canada accounting for a significant portion of our wealth and employment. According […]

Sustainable Development

SINCE THE HISTORIC 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, sustainable development has became one of the most pressing challenges for the international community and individual countries. Among the important lessons we have learned in our work in the United Nations on sustainable development is that progress depends on strong partnerships: among countries, among central and local governments […]

A Social Charter for a North American Community

North American integration confronts Canadians with the challenge of assuring effective community participation in a sustainable global economy without losing distinct cultural identities and valued social norms. Can individuals be effectively engaged in formal employment in global markets without risking full cultural assimilation? Can access to common resources continue to be governed in a global […]

Increase Community Protection from Extreme Weather Events

EXTREME WEATHER can be a serious threat. People are killed and injured, property is damaged. Unfortunately, changes in the global climate are expected to affect, and may now be affecting the frequency and severity of extreme weather events. That’s why Canada’s insurers are pressing for increased investments in community protection. The International Red Cross has […]

Social Capital Measurement and Consequences

THE CENTRAL IDEA OF SOCIAL capital, in my view, is that networks and the associated norms of reciprocity have value. They have value for the people who are in them, and they have, at least in some instances, demonstrable externalities, so that there are both public and private faces of social capital. I focus largely […]

The Implications of Parents’ Conjugal Histories for Children

Until recently, any young couple wishing to live together and to have children had no other option but marriage, the only acceptable framework in which to start a family. Conjugal and reproductive behaviour was regulated by law. Once married, individuals were expected to remain so, and divorce would only be granted in very specific circumstances. […]

The Canadian Record Since Rio

CANADA WAS ONE of the first industrial countries to embrace sustainable development as a public policy goal. In 1990, the federal government released Canada’s Green Plan, a $3 billion comprehensive program to protect the environment, improve decision making and strengthen natural resource management. That same year, Canada committed to stabilize its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emissions at […]

The Great Canadian Physician Exodus

The anticipated high rate of physician retirement over the next 10 to 15 years, and the widespread perception that hordes of unhappy Canadian physicians are heading south in search of greener pastures, have given rise to concerns about an emerging physician shortage. This, in turn, has turned the policy lens onto the three vehicles for […]

American Economic Growth in the Information Age

The information age Semiconductor prices Moore’s Law captures the fact that successive generations of semiconductors are faster and better. The economics of semiconductors begins with the closely related observation that memory and logic chips have become cheaper at a truly staggering rate. To assess the impact of IT on productivity growth, it is essential to […]